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Visual Language of Sounds

~Jah Akeem I am Flamesquad __ Producer/DJMC, born and raised on the north side of Minneapolis, MN., where I fell in love with Hip Hop culture. Encompassing those elements, I compose sonic works of mixed media productions. Certainly my influences include a vast array of sources from retro, classic, golden and today’s new generation styles. “My work has everything to do with foundation while defending art-form”. I’m passionate about beat making, songwriting and project development they are interchangeable parts of my genetic code.__

__I crave innovative authentic arts. My fire for Content Mgmt., Audio Visual design, Mktg., Branding and Project development keeps me excited for new and next trend shifts. Allowing myself to stay ahead in the digital space, creating original crafted content and embracing cutting edge technology is what I love to do.__ #BurnDifferent @flamesquadDJMC @flamesquadofficial

Producer DJMC, Songwriter, Project Dev. Mgmt. and Production Artist.

Dope Engineering, Production Couture and Graphic Architecture.

Sound Design and Visual Framework. Defender of artform!


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