Flamecastlive Podcast Mixshow #BurnDifferent

Flamecastlive is a platform showcasing my crush for alternative sounds of dopeness and original craftwork. Unscripted Creativity, Support Premium Cut! Hit the Donation Hot-button.

@flamecastlive Podcast Mixshow. Feel the burn with featured artists, interviews and events any city any town via @repmycitytv. In addition, we talk spicy topics, culture and lifestyle. As a result, we deliver the meltdown zone, freestyles, remixes + fiery curated playlists from popular to underground and production cook-ups. For instance: HipHop, Trap, EDM, R&B/Soul, Pop and Dancehall. In conclusion, straight talk opinions, commentary and information served hot. @flamesquadDJMC

Jah Akeem – Producer, DJMC and creative tech in love with hip hop culture and AV production.